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The Mind Itself is a podcast about mental health & mental health law, and how it affects all aspects of our daily lives. By taking a deeper dive into how our society deals with mental health medically, legally, and practically, listeners gain insight and information about one of America’s most pressing and often overlooked issues.

Oct 26, 2020

John Whitbeckformally an adjunct professor and director of the George Mason University Law and Mental Illness Clinic, along with being a former special justice for proceedings to commit mentally ill individuals to psychiatric treatment, creates a podcast from his unique perspectives and experiences. The Mind Itself is a podcast about mental health, mental health law, and how they affect all aspects of our daily lives.  


Diving into the Mind 


Touching upon how society views mental health issues, this podcast seeks to explore the works from Clifford Beers, Dorotha Dix, and the ancient Greek Hippocrates to experts of the modern age to gain more knowledge about the mind. By bringing in local and national expertise, this podcast takes a deeper look into how mental health is dealt with medically, legally, and practically.  


Gain inside knowledge about one of the most of important issues in society today – mental health. This issue, although often overlooked, impact the daily lives of almost half of adults in the United States.  


Every 2-3 weeks, a new episode will introduce a new topic with interviews from experts, physicians, law enforcement officers, policy makers, and other highly qualified individuals on a variety of mental health topics. Whitbeck and his guests will help the audience gain practical knowledge about the impact of mental illness on their everyday lives.  


The mind itself podcast is unique because it’s examining the intersection between mental health and the law, and how it impacts the individual 




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